What You Should Know About Your Meat & Seafood

We are happy to spend money on branded clothes, shoes and other accessories, but when it comes to our food, we tend to compromise. Food is fuel and our health is determined by what we feed our bodies. Therefore, quality food should be looked at as an investment.

Here’s how we do it differently –

Your right to know

Fish monger at your doorstep/local ‘mandi’/local shop

The Seafood & Meat Co.

1. Source Unknown or in a wooden box; from other coast by road Fish from fresh trawler landings and meat from farms/abattoirs
2. How fresh is the fish or meat? Maybe 2 days old; frozen and defrosted repeatedly Same day, fresh catch
3. Conditions while selling Exposure to sun, dust, pollution and birds pecking on the fish Not exposed to outside environment. Sold in a clean and safe place
4. Quality of ice used Unsafe; full of bacteria and germs. Made from unfiltered water Zero bacteria ice cubes or ice packs are used
5. Personal hygiene of the vendor Questionable/poor – no gloves, usually no footwear and no hairnets. Results in cross contamination Monitored use of gloves, clean uniforms, hairnets. Staff is subject to regular medical check-ups
6. Sanitation/Hygiene Containers & knives aren’t sanitised Sanitisation of equipment every 4 hours
7. Status of unsold stock Frozen and defrosted the next day & sold as “fresh” Returned to distribution centre for drying or frozen for allied business
8. Mode of selling Sold by “Jodi” or “Vata”, ambiguity on weight and portion cost Sold by weight on electronic scale, clarity on weight to volume ratio
9. Accountability None Traceability in place,

Guaranteed source, bills provided at the time of purchases and returns taken

10. Quality control None Regular testing of water purity and kitchen area for bacteria by certified labs
11. Risk factor Very high Very low; in control

TSMC’s products are vacuum packed and labeled as per international quality control standards



















Illnesses arising out of consumption of stale seafood (especially shellfish) or meat are diarrhoea, fever, headaches, nausea and chronic intestinal disorders. Stay in the know and invest in quality food for your health and the health of your family!

For more details on how we adhere to international standards of quality control, please write to us at info@seafoodandmeatco.in or call us on 022-24934242.

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