Tips to cook chicken if you have diabetes

Tips to cook chicken if you have diabetes

Chicken is a great option for diabetes patients. Even though one has to limit their carb intake, chicken is high on protein and low on carbs, which means it is great for diabetic individuals. But, it needs to be cooked keeping some aspects in mind. Following are the tips and tricks: –


Tips 1: Use chicken breasts for cold salads and casseroles

Tips 2: Try poached poach chicken breast by adding boneless, skinless chicken breasts to a saucepan and cover them with water or low-sodium broth.

Tips 3: Prepare moist chicken by cooking over an oven

Tips 4: Avoid preparations that use canned soups, high-sodium sauces and broths, full-fat cheeses, and prepared in sauces made with added sugar.

Tips 5:  Choose recipes that include vegetables, spices, brown rice, legumes, yogurt, fruits, and low-sodium broths.


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