Buy Fresh Fish & Seafood Online in Mumbai at Best Price

Buy Fresh Fish & Seafood Online in Mumbai at Best Price

Have you ever wondered how convenient it can be to buy best quality seafood online? Probably, you may have never tried it, but it is your chance now. Here we are supplying high-quality seafood at every home. Yes, we work online and we also have a ground based store, where we receive fresh seafood every day and supply to our customers.

You must try our services because you will get all the delicious products that you want to cook at home. We have been serving Mumbai for many years. We have many regular clients, who contact us time and again for their seafood demands. We do not let them down by delivering poor quality products. We always supply high-quality products so that our clients can enjoy their delicious meal.


What do we provide?

We are supplying a many types’ fish online. You can check our collection and inform us about what do you want to have today. We will collect the fresh seafood according to your order and supply it right at your door on the same day.

Whenever people search to buy fresh seafood online mumbai, they do not get some great choices. Many online stores have been caught by supplying stale food. They have reduced the reputation of online meat and fish suppliers. Fortunately, none of our customers have ever complained about the quality of product we sell.

We believe in maintaining a long lasting relationship with our customers. It can be possible only if we supply fresh and high-quality seafood. Our employees and seafood suppliers understand that and that’s why they always ensure that customers will receive only fresh seafood. You can trust us for all sorts’ fish and other seafood we sell online. You will get it at very affordable prices and then you can prepare your favorite dish at home.

Types of Seafood We Sell Online:

We are supplying several kinds of fish online. The list is mentioned below:

Ocean fish:

The seafood lovers know that ocean fish offers a better taste than other seafood. A large number of people order it every day and we supply it. The ocean fish provides you with a bulk of nutrients, like vitamin D, protein and many others. You can meet your body’s omega-3 fatty acids demands by consuming the sea fish on a daily basis.

We always try to improve the variety in the ocean seafood. You can place the order for the Seer Fish, Indian Salmon, Bombay duck, Squids rings, Smoked Salmon, and also for silver pomfret. We frequently improve the collection of ocean fish so that you can get more choices. Our collection is quite large and it will certainly lure you to buy fish online.

Freshwater fish:

If your fitness instructor or doctor has suggested you to go on a high-protein diet, you should start eating the freshwater fish. It is considered the best source of protein for the humans. It also provides you with an abundance of fatty acids and other health promoting nutrients. You will never experience any health issue, if you regularly eat fresh water fish. There will be no need to spend money on dairy products, when fresh water fishes will become the main ingredient of your daily meal.

Just like the ocean fish, we have a large collection of freshwater fish. You can place the order for the Himalayan Trout, Basa filters, Hilsa, Katla, and Rohu fish. All of these fish will be available in the best quality. Our freshwater fish suppliers daily supply these fish to our location from where we supply to our customers according to their demands.


Whenever people think to order fresh fish online, they always check for the shellfish collection of the retailers. Of course, other Indian seafood dealers do not offer a vast collection of shellfish, but we don’t make the same mistake. We provide you with many types of shellfish.

You can choose from the crab meat, tiger prawns, lobster meat, crabs, small prawns, big sams scallops, and the green shell mussels. You can choose the type of shellfish you want to have today in your dinner or lunch and place the order. We will supply it immediately without letting you wait for a long time.

Providing our services in the areas of Mumbai:

We have improved our reputation in the online fish market of Mumbai by providing exceptional services to our customers. We have always supplied fresh seafood and other sorts’ products that we sell online. We sell only fresh products and that’s why today we have created a huge customer base.

You can trust us for your demands and contact us anytime you want to place the order. We will supply the fresh seafood and meat products immediately at your door and of course our prices are very reasonable in the city. Seafood & Meat Co also supplying fresh and delicious chicken online in mumbai.

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