Why prawns should be a necessary part of your diet

Why prawns should be a necessary part of your diet

Prawns are a major item in any seafood cuisine. Apart from being well known for
its taste in recipes from across the country, it has a lot of nutritional value as
well. Following are the plus points of having prawns as a part of your diet: –

  • High on proteins: – Prawns are very high on protein content that is useful
    for body strength and energy. 3 ounces of steamed prawn has about 22g
    of protein and 100g of calorie. This is equivalent to a single service of
  • Minerals & Vitamins: – Prawns contain zinc, selenium, iron magnesium
    and phosphorous. All of this is useful for the healthy functioning of the
    human body
  • Better cognitive abilities: – The vitamin B12 and Omega fatty acids help in
    retaining memories and stimulating cognitive activities
  • Care for skin: – Prawns contain Vitamin E that helps in glowing skin and
    protecting it from skin diseases

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