Buy Fresh Goat/Lamb Mutton Online in Mumbai At Best Price

Buy Fresh Goat/Lamb Mutton Online in Mumbai At Best Price

You may be having an event coming up in your house or office where you need to have fresh meat for preparing the food that you are going to serve. You may be confused as to how to buy goat/lamb mutton online in mumbai. You have reached the perfect place just continue reading and you will not only know the means of purchase but also the foods that you can serve using the fresh meat.

The Products That You Can Buy

There are various natures of products that you can buy from us. If you shop online mutton meat then the nature of products that you can buy are as follows:


  • Carcass
  • Diced
  • 6 Way


  • Diced
  • Legs
  • 6 ways


  • Carcass
  • Racks
  • Legs
  • Loin Chops
  • Shoulder
  • Forshanks
  • Ground

You can also get the meat of the Halal quality if you wish to have. The products are all fresh and we guarantee that they will never be stale. We as a company not only concentrate on the products that we serve but also on the manner that we deliver that to you. Before we deliver the goods to you we make sure the following:

  • We make certain that the meat is it of goat, lamb or mutton comes from reputed butchers.
  • We know the way the food products are produced.
  • We make sure that the packing is done in the most hygienic manner
  • We also make our customers literate about how to produce good food using the meat from our online outlets.
  • The staffs of ours who deals with chopping, cleaning and cutting the meat before it is handed over to you are highly trained.
  • We ensure that all our stuff be those who are in-house or those who go out for delivery are medically fit and there is no chance of getting any infection from such source.
  • By using the special technology we ensure that our packaging is totally bacteria free.
  • The vehicles that we use for delivering when you Order best quality mutton meat are maintained in such manner that there is no chance of contamination.

You can be certain about the freshness of the meat that you buy from us. They are free from any contaminations and you can make any of your loved food with them. The Seafood and Meat Co also serve fresh and high-quality chicken and seafood product according to your order and we supply it right at your home on the same day.

How You Can Buy Fresh Goat/Lamb Mutton Online From Us

To have the fresh supply of meat you need to be with us. You can shop online meat from us just by being at our site. When you reach our site you will be able to see the entire range of products that we offer. You can choose according to taste and requirement. There are certain things that you must know about the way of ordering and delivery that we make.

  • You will be given an option to choose between the time slots when you want the delivery to happen.
  • You will not be charged any delivery charge when you buy goat/lamb mutton online in Mumbai above Rs. 1000.00.
  • As you order best quality mutton meat from us and the order is confirmed it is picked up by our outlet which is nearest to the location where you want the delivery. The products are then hygienically packed and the order id delivered within the time frame that you have selected.
  • As the delivery van leaves our outlet you will be given a notification.
  • It may so happen that at the specified time you are not available at your house, and then our dedicated delivery team will reschedule the delivery after having a talk with you.
  • It is not such that after you place the order you cannot change it. You can definitely change the order prior to it being dispatched from our store. Even if it has been dispatched you can return the products that you do not need when our delivery team reaches your place.
  • Even after maintaining such stringent quality standards it may happen that you do not like the quality of the products delivered. You can return those to our delivery team when it is delivered. The amount if it is already paid will be refunded to the online account that you have created with us.
  • You can cancel the order after you have placed it. You can do so by going to the Contact Us page on our website or by talking to our representative when they call for confirmation of the order.
  • In case your delivery is delayed, which is a very rare case, then we will compensate you with certain amount of money into your e-wallet.
  • You can pay for your order using various means, like COD, different types of vouchers, Debit or credit cards and net banking.

You definitely intend to order best quality mutton meat from us, you can do so just by being at our site.

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