The Egg-cellent Health Benefits of Eggs!

The Egg-cellent Health Benefits of Eggs!

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Did you know eggs are one of the best and cheapest sources of protein? Additionally, they are extremely quick and easy to cook and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. There’s no doubt that this super-food is very versatile and very delicious. Read on for a list of reasons why you should up your intake of this delicious protein –

  1. Eggs aid with weight loss. Eggs have a high satiety index, meaning they make you feel full for longer. One large egg supplies 6g of high quality protein and a large variety of essential nutrients.
  2. Eggs help iron out your health! Those with iron deficiency tend to experience symptoms of tiredness, headaches and irritability. Iron plays an important role in immunity, energy metabolism and many other functions in the body. The iron in egg yolks is more absorbable than the form of iron in most supplements.
  3. Eggs contain a variety of nutrients. Consuming eggs can help with multiple nutritional deficiencies as eggs contain important nutrients like vitamins A, E and B12.
  4. Eggs improve brain health. Choline is a nutrient that facilitates brain development in the fetus and newborn as well as memory function in adults. Eggs are an excellent source of choline, and one egg per day will provide 28% of a pregnant woman’s choline requirement. Choline is of extreme importance during pregnancy, making this super-food a must for mothers.
  5. Eggs protect eyesight and help to prevent cataracts. Research has linked a good dietary intake of eggs with a significant decrease in cataracts (up to 20%). Eggs are a good source of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthine, which play an important role in keeping the eyes healthy.
  6. Eggs keep your hair and nails healthy. Did you know your hair and nails reflect many biochemical imbalances and shortages in your body? Studies have shown that people report faster growing hair after adding eggs to their diet, due to it’s wide variety of nutrients.


As you can see, consuming just this one food can have a plethora of health benefits for you. TSMC recognises the importance of good health and quality. Each of our eggs weight 60g or more – unlike the ones available in local markets. Treasure your health, value quality.

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