Eating meat at the time of a Corona Virus widespread

Eating meat at the time of a Corona Virus widespread

The Corona Virus has been declared a pandemic, spreading over 60 nations in a span of 3 months since its outbreak. With countless cases all around the world, the Indian government has been comparatively more successful in limiting the outbreak. However, rumors have been spread that meat especially from goats or chicken are a source of Corona virus. This article is targeted towards informing our patrons that meat, especially in cooked form does not affect anyone with the disease.


Renowned doctors such as Dr. Anant Mohan from the Pulmonary Medicine Department at All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), spoke to NDTV where he said that there is no need to cut out meat from an individuals diet. His advise was to have cooked meat and avoid raw meat as just a precautionary measure. According to him, even though the virus source as an animal market in Wuhan, there is no conclusive proof that poultry, fish or meat carries the virus.


According to the FSSAI that is closely monitoring the situation globally, corona viruses need a host of animals to grow and cannot grow on food. Heat treatment of 60 degrees over a period of 30 mins is enough for a precautionary measure.


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