Buy Best Quality Fresh Chicken Online in Mumbai At Best Price

Buy Best Quality Fresh Chicken Online in Mumbai At Best Price

Is any event coming up in your house or office? If it is so then you must be required to buy fresh chicken online in mumbai. There may be different online stores that you will find if you search the net. But we at The Seafood and Meat Co. do stand apart from all those stores who claim to help you with the fresh supply of chickens. We are the one who has made possible to supply you with the best product that you wish to have.

What Makes Us Stand Out Amongst Others?

There are certain factors which make us stand out amongst the other online stores dealing with meat and seafood. Let us see the factors.

  • The very conception of our existence began with the idea of providing fresh and the finest meat and seafood to your doorstep. We have an experience of more than 25 years in such service.
  • We provide you the freshest and the healthiest form of food materials that you wish to have.
  • This is made possible by the implementation of strict screening methods regarding the source and the authorities we source from.
  • Our quality inspectors have a strict vigil upon the products from the point they are procured by us to the point when they are supplied to you.
  • The products are processed by our in-house team following all the scientific precautions that need to be maintained.
  • The products after being procured by us come in chill condition so that it can be made certain that the products that we supply to you are free from any nature of bacteria or any other harmful pathogens.
  • As it reaches our butcher house they are cut according to your requirement which you have mentioned while you order chicken online.
  • They are then vacuum packed or packed in trays and stored in insulated food box having ice-packs so that they can be supplied to you fresh and hygienically.
  • We are certified by FSSAI. We also have the Halal Certification.
  • Our main aim is to supply you products following all hygiene and sanitary precautions.

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Chicken Online Products That You Can Have From Us

We make possible to supply you fresh from the farm chickens at your door step.

  • There are various varieties of products that you can order and have from us with ease.
  • The variety ranges from whole chicken to chickens prepared according to your wish.
  • We also make available Desi variety.
  • We have in our online store chickens available that are with or without bones.
  • We even make the supply of chickens that are with or without skin.
  • Chicken cubes are also readily available at our store.
  • Chicken Mince made from boneless portions of legs and breast, Gizzards and Liver are our specialties, which you can order from our online shop.
  • All the chicken products that you buy from us are certified by FSSAI and have Halal Certification.
  • The products are so made that fat and wastage is completely eliminated.
  • No preservatives or additives are added to our products. They are truly fresh.
  • The price at which we offer you the fresh products will astonish you as they are the cheapest.

The Method Of Having Fresh Chicken Online

If you wish to have such chicken products online you just need to be at our site. We will have your order supplied to your door step. The process is quite easy and simple.

  • As you reach our site you will have to choose Poultry to be in section so that you can see all our chicken products.
  • You can refine your search by selecting according to the brand that you wish to have, the price range that you have the mind to have, types of chicken that are required by you and the origin of the chicken.
  • You can see the entire range of product that we offer and you can select the one that you wish to order.
  • You can even further make you wish known to us by selecting with or without skin or specifying your special requirement. Our in-house butchers will process the product accordingly.
  • In some products, you can also order according to the weight that you wish to have.
  • You can add the selected products to your cart and we will ensure timely delivery for you.
  • You can specify the delivery location, the date and the time when you want the order to be delivered.
  • As you have completed the order you will be receiving an e-mail from us which will confirm the order.
  • The payment can be done if you wish when you place the order or upon delivery if you wish.

If you wish to buy fresh chicken online in mumbai you just need to be in touch with us at The Seafood and Meat Co.

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